Edward C. Swenson, Chief Operating Officer
Member of the Dynasty Leadership Team

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Jason W. Pinkham, Director, Eastern Division and Transitions
Member of the Dynasty Client Service Team

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Cole Turner, Associate, Relationship Management
Member of the Dynasty Client Service Team

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Jenna Bloomgarden, Vice President, Relationship Management Eastern Division
Member of the Dynasty Client Service Team

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About Us

Dynasty is

Dynasty is a leading provider of wealth management and technology platforms for select independent financial advisory firms.

We create access to some of the best-in-class resources and capabilities through an open architecture platform, enabling our advisors to address their clients’ goals in an objective manner. We power our advisors to gain efficiency, scale their operations, and grow their businesses – so they can be more focused on the specialized needs of their clients.

CEO Message

Since our own launch in 2010, we have remained committed to improving the financial advisor model by perfecting a service platform that empowers advisors to do more for their clients, while growing their business more efficiently. Underscoring the client service aspect of our platform is the minimization of conflict ensured by the fiduciary standard embraced by our network of advisors. We promote a “Triangulation of Advice” by which clients benefit from having advice delivered by an advisor separate from where assets are safely held (custodied) and separate from where investment products are sourced.

This approach, delivered seamlessly for advisors and their clients, has led Dynasty Financial Partners to become the premiere integrated platform provider for the wealth management industry's top independent advisors.

We become partners with advisors who run their own RIA, but wish to achieve more by outsourcing and streamlining to improve efficiency in their business.

We become partners with advisors considering owning their own RIA, who need the guidance and resources to begin their path to independence and business ownership.

We also help connect individual investors with advisors of integrity in the Dynasty Network.

Together with our advisors and our strategic resource partners, we create a unique and powerful community that promotes collaboration, partnership, investing in proprietary technology, sharing of best practices, unparalleled access, and scale that ultimately benefit all Dynasty Network firms and their clients.

Our advisors value independence while appreciating being part of a community. Each year this is reinforced when we gather at our annual Partners’ Summit. The exchange of innovative ideas sparked in this forum continues beyond the Summit and drives the solutions and additional value Dynasty creates every day. We call this the “Network Effect.”

At Dynasty, we get to live our American Dream by empowering others to live theirs. It is our great honor to serve and support our network of advisors.

Please feel free to contact us directly to learn more about Dynasty and our Network of truly exceptional independent advisors.


Shirl Penney, President and CEO

What We Stand For

True Advisor independence
Fiduciary Responsibility & Client Advocacy
Customized, institutional-quality platform
Open Architecture Supporting Multiple Techsolutions
Access to leading investment products
Extraordinary Service & Expert Advice
buying power of a substantial network
Partnership among the industry's top advisors


Q:How many firms are in your Network and what is the average firm size?
A:As of the end of 2018 there are 46 firms, and growing, in the Dynasty Network with the average firm size being about $600mm.
Q:Why do firms in the Dynasty Network consistently grow more quickly than industry averages?
A:Through leveraging the range of services across the Dynasty Service Pillars, advisors are able to focus on servicing their clients and growing their business instead of having to spend large parts of their time on the middle and back office functions.
Q:Is Dynasty an RIA aggregator and do you own the firms in your Network?
A:Dynasty does not aggregate or take controlling equity ownership in the firms comprising the Dynasty Network. For true independence, we believe that 100% of the enterprise value created must lie with the advisors and their team. The same holds true at Dynasty: 2/3 of our equity comes to work every day.
Q:How is Dynasty compensated by firms in your Network?
A:Dynasty is paid a consulting fee that supports a portion of the costs to prepare a firm for launch on our platform. We are also paid, based on basis points of advisory assets or a percentage of revenue, for our core services which encompass most back office and investment operations. The Dynasty Investment Platform is offered a la carte and is paid for by your clients on a as needed basis.
Q:Do you only launch wire house breakaway advisors?
A:No. Dynasty works with both existing RIAs and breakaway advisors, and we continue to see an increasing number of existing RIAs join the Dynasty Network.
Q:How can Dynasty help individual investors?
A:Dynasty is well-positioned to help individuals learn about the distinct advantages of working with an independent advisor where the “triangulation of advice” separates the advisor from the custodian of assets and from the provider of investment products. We make available information on all of our Network Partners to help individuals consider best-fit relationships, based on geographic locations, specializations, and other attributes.
Q:How long is the typical launch process for an existing RIA?
A:For an existing RIA the launch of that firm can be accelerated because many of the steps in our launch protocol are already in place. On average, RIAs can transition to the full range of our services within 1.5-2 months.
Q:How does Dynasty help existing RIAs?
A:Dynasty helps existing RIAs professionalize their firm through streamlining investment operations, executing deliberate organic and inorganic growth plans, and taking advantage of enterprise-level vendor pricing. As our industry experiences rapid consolidation, these professionally managed firms positioned for scale will win disproportionally and benefit from higher multiples in the marketplace.
Q:What is the minimum AUM for launching my own RIA firm?
A:The minimum AUM will vary depending on the details of each business, but the average minimum for launching your own RIA utilizing Dynasty’s platform is $300mm.
Q:What if my practice doesn’t meet your minimum? How can I leverage Dynasty’s resources?
A:Dynasty is focused on helping growth oriented advisors and their teams realize their dreams of going independent. If a firm falls below our minimum we work to understand their cultural and business composition in the hope of introducing them to one of our Network Partner Firms where they might be able to leverage synergies to better serve their clients, enjoy all the benefits of independence without the challenges of launching and managing your own business. Many firms, regardless of size, seek these strategic partnerships instead of choosing to launch on their own.
Q:How long does the typical launch of a breakaway take?
A:Depending on the size and complexity of the business we are launching, it typically takes 3-4 months to fully prepare and execute a transition. The amount of effort that we put into the protocol we engage to launch a firm relates directly to the level of success we see in the transition of assets. On average we reach a significant majority of the advisor’s/team’s prior AUM by 9 months from their launch date. That number dramatically exceeds industry averages and stands as a point of distinction for Dynasty’s success.

Jenna Bloomgarden, Vice President Relationship Management

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