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With 46 firms in the Dynasty Network, Dynasty Financial Partners represents more than 160 financial advisors - men and women who thrive in a model that emphasizes independence, business ownership and the flexibility to truly serve their clients’ every need.

Dynasty’s growing success contributes to the ongoing market shift by successful advisors toward independence. The average assets of the firms in our Network exceed $600 million, and with new additions each quarter, and success among all of these firms, asset size will continue to grow.



Blocked by his wirehouse from writing a book, Erik Strid started a whole new chapter instead.

Erik Strid

Concentus Wealth Advisors
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Not only was the serial publication a novel idea, but an effective and engaging way to get my book published. The roll-out and subsequent publicity is a perfect way for us to enhance our firm’s image with both clients and prospects.

Independence is: Creativity

Erik Strid is an excellent Wealth Advisor. He cares a great deal about his clients and they return the favor by being extremely loyal to him and his team. He had always wanted to parlay his experience with affluent clients into a book about Family Governance and Wealth Planning, using his knowledge to help others better understand their wealth and the role it should play in their lives.

However, the large legacy financial firms he worked for always balked at the idea and blocked his efforts to get this done without their blessing. That was the last straw.

Having had enough of being told how to run their business—what products to sell and how they could or couldn’t service their clients—Erik, his brother Paul and their father Gerry decided it was time to go independent. They formed Concentus Wealth Advisors as part of the Dynasty Financial Partners Network for a number of reasons: Dynasty was the only firm that would give them full ownership and control of their business, and not only help them through the transition but with ways to grow the business afterwards.

The transition was extremely rapid–and successful: it took less than two months for 85% of their clients to move over. Erik and the team then looked ahead to growing the business, working with Dynasty Marketing Services on how to best publish his book and use it to raise Concentus’ profile.

The Dynasty marketing and PR strategy included releasing the book one chapter at a time as a series of targeted articles in a highly regarded magazine, culminating in the publication and release of the book at a client and prospect event held at the Concentus offices.
Too innovative for his legacy financial firm, Jim Maher strikes out on his own and strikes gold.

Jim Maher

Archford Capital Strategies
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I chose Dynasty Financial Partners because they not only helped us transition our business to independence, but from day one their expertise has been valuable to the growth of the business.

Independence is: Innovation

Jim Maher has worked in the corporate retirement plans arena for more than 20 years. With a sizeable client base of closely held and middle-market companies, his expertise and that of his highly trained and specialized staff is among the most impressive within the industry.

Yet when Jim developed an innovative new way for his ESOP clients to meet their safety and growth needs, his employer – a large bank – saw only the potential liabilities. Sound familiar?

That was the impetus for Jim and his entire team to leave the bank and form Archford Capital Strategies, a fully independent RIA and part of the Dynasty Network.

Dynasty Financial Partners had their capital markets and legal teams review the ESOP product, while marketing and media helped develop launch and PR plans and materials. Less than a year after going independent, Archford introduced the FDIC-Insured Market Participation CD as a way to help companies stay ahead of their liabilities from current and future repurchase obligations.

The new product debuted at the ESOP Association 2014 Conference in Atlanta. Dynasty’s capital markets expert was there to support Archford’s sales force, and the media team launched the press campaign and arranged interviews with key publications, garnering full articles about the new product in Bloomberg and Plan Sponsor Magazine.
Building the firm she had envisioned was more important than keeping a wirehouse name on the door.

Michelle Smith

Source Financial Advisors
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I am astonished at the growth of my business since I have teamed up with Dynasty. Going independent was the best decision I have ever made.

Independence is: Potential

Michelle Smith was not happy with how slowly her wealth management practice was growing, and wanted to create a specialty firm that targeted women in transition. Unfortunately, being under the shadow of a large wirehouse firm she could not build the business she wanted. It’s a common story.

Knowing that the growth of her practice depended on providing her ultra-affluent clients with customized products and services that were currently unavailable to her, the decision was clear. She started Source Financial Advisors, a fully independent RIA and part of the Dynasty Financial Partners Network.

Michelle’s first challenge came within just a few weeks. A friend—not a client— approached her with an urgent problem: he had lost the financing for a business deal because his bank had changed its requirements at the last minute. She immediately got Dynasty involved, and within three days had not just one, but three banks competing to make the loan. Her friend has since become her client.

On the heels of that came a second, but much larger challenge: a potential UHNW client was taking her business through a major liquidity event and needed financial advice regarding how to conservatively invest the proceeds to meet specific income, liquidity and growth needs. In the past, Michelle could not have competed with large private banks. But, with Dynasty behind her, she was able to craft a customized and competitive portfolio solution that met every need of her client. She not only won the business, but has since been given even larger percentage of the portfolio to manage.

The upshot? Michelle Smith more than doubled her business in less than two years after going independent—and she has big plans to double it again.


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